Meet Our Team

We have a team-centered approach. While each client’s family works with one attorney, our attorneys regularly discuss the design of our plans with each other in order to ensure we’re doing everything possible to help you meet your goals.

In addition, each client works primarily with one paralegal, who gets to know you and your estate plan intimately through the design and implementation process. The biggest complaint people have about lawyers is lack of communication, and by working as a team we have virtually eliminated this complaint for our clients.

Learn more about our family and then let us learn more about yours.

Catherine Hammond
Attorney & Founder
Chad Spencer
Edith Hayes
Alexandria Guthrie
Allie Moore
Brian Van Way
Director of Special Projects
Brittany Tiffany
Jennifer Grzywacz
Kirklan Moss
Director of Operations
Kyra Deminksi
Client Services Coordinator
Rachel Moore
Marketing Coordinator
Tatianna Lowman
Legal Assistant