Workshop – How to Choose the Right Successor Trustee

Thursday, February 29th 2024 – 4 pm

How to Choose the Right Successor Trustee

February 29th, 2024 – 4 pm

A workshop exclusively for all Hammond Law Group clients and their guests.

What’s the most important decision in your entire estate plan? Who you choose as your Successor Trustee. That selection determines how closely your wishes are followed, how much harmony (or disharmony) your loved ones experience when you’re gone, how quickly beneficiaries get access to their inheritance, and how things go for your beneficiaries until all beneficiary distributions have been finalized. This selection can make or break your estate plan, and it’s a decision you may have made quickly when you set up your original plan.

In this workshop we will revisit the most important factors in choosing the right Successor Trustee(s), how to determine whether you’ve made the right selection, and some helpful thoughts on using individuals versus professional Trustees.


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Meet Your Guide: Catherine Hammond

As an attorney in Colorado, Catherine Hammond provides estate and tax planning services to individuals and businesses. Ms. Hammond’s primary focus is protecting families from the devastating legal effects of disability and death through creating comprehensive, values-based estate plans which minimize taxes, costs, and government interference. Ms. Hammond will take the time to get to know you as an individual, learning about your life and values. She will work closely with you through an ongoing relationship to ensure your personal and financial goals are met as your life and the laws change over the years.

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