Workshop: Keeping The Peace – Gifting Personal Property to Avoid Disputes

Workshop: Keeping The Peace - Gifting Personal Property to Avoid Disputes

Thursday, February 16th, 2023 – 4 pm Colorado Springs


A workshop exclusively for Legacy Protection Plan members and your guests. “LPP, It’s Where to Be.”

When a loved one dies, survivors may instill significant meaning into the smallest of items.  One famous pie pan nearly estranged a brother and sister and now spends 6 months each year with each sibling.  The pie pan represented so much more to each of the children and became connected to the delicate journey through grief. As a result, you might not be surprised that tiny items can cause outsized strife between siblings, survivors and beneficiaries.

In this workshop, you’ll learn specific steps you can take when drafting the letter to your family about distribution of personal property to help avoid these battles.  A hands on workshop, you will start working on your own letter.  Bring your own personal property to help with the writing process.

Because you’ll be writing your letters and working closely with our attorney, space is limited. Do not leave a lifelong fight between your children as a part of your legacy.

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“LPP, It’s Where to Be.”

Raven Venegas, Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney

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