Legacy Protection Plan Success Path Workshop

Legacy Protection Plan Success Path Workshop

Thursday, November 17th at 4pm -Colorado Springs, CO: An exclusive workshop for LPP Members, their successor trustees and guests.  


Congratulations on taking the important steps to protecting your family and your hard-earned legacy by joining Hammond Law Group as a valued client.  

You’ve done the hard work to craft an individualized Estate Plan ensuring that your legacy is protected, and your loved ones will be supported in the most difficult times of their lives. You’ve partnered with our team for generations of guidance. You trust the promise we’ve made to be there for you and your loved ones after the legal documents are in place and you’ve signed on that dotted line. Now it’s time to make sure your plan will succeed! 

>Are you making the most of the Hammond Law Group promise? 

>Are you a Legacy Protection Plan Member utilizing all the resources we provide? 

>If not, what are you missing out on that could lead to your plan failing? 

Even the most well thought out plan can (and will) fail without a solid maintenance plan in place. Plans that fail leave the fall out to family members, creating not only conflict and frustration but in some cases a complete rift between loved ones. 

Don’t risk losing assets and family harmony. The Legacy Protection Plan is here to guide you through the years of maintaining your plan through routine reviews, funding assistance, continuing education for yourself and your successor trustees and so much more! 

You may be unaware of the full benefits of your membership. Let us continue to guide you on the path to success! Join us at our Legacy Protection Plan Success Path workshop to really dig into what is available to you.  

At this workshop we will review: 

  • Why this program is valuable 
  • What could happen if you don’t have a maintenance plan in place 
  • How to follow the simple map Hammond Law Group provides for your peace of mind 


Your plan is in place, now you have the tools through your Legacy Protection Plan Membership to make sure it succeeds. 

Follow this simple plan:

  1. Attend the workshop. 
  2. Learn about your LPP Benefits. 
  3. Effectively maintain your plan to protect your legacy and provide for your loved ones 


Not a Legacy Protection Plan member? Contact Hammond Law Group’s LPP Concierge Tatianna at 719.520.1474 to sign up for the Legacy Protection Plan maintenance program.


“LPP, It’s The Place to Be.”

Meet Your Legacy Protection Plan Concierge -Tatianna Lowman

Tatianna Lowman is a the LPP Concierge and Executive Assistant for Hammond Law Group. She assists the paralegals and attorneys in client communications and document organization, as well as guiding our valued LPP Members through the journey of their legacy protection program. Tatianna earned her Bachelor’s in International Business and a minor in Dance Performance from Oral Roberts University. She spends her free time studying for the LSAT, hammocking in the mountains, and having game nights with her friends.