Medicare Enrollment Workshop

Medicare Enrollment Workshop

Thursday, October 13th at 4pm -Colorado Springs, CO: A workshop for our entire community!

Are you (or someone you love) approaching age 65 and feeling intimidated by the “alphabet soup” of Medicare coverage choices? Maybe you are already enrolled in traditional Medicare and would like to explore your options for reducing your monthly expenses, are seeking additional coverage, or are curious about ancillary benefits through Medicare Advantage plans.

Join Ann-Noel Spencer, licensed insurance broker and Medicare coach, for a discussion about traditional Medicare and its many parts – A, B, and D, as well as a comparison between supplemental plans (aka, Medigap plans), stand-alone prescription drug plans, and Medicare Advantage plans (aka, Part C). We’ll discuss when and how to apply for traditional Medicare, Medigap and Advantage plans, or when and how to make changes to an existing plan. This presentation is ideal for:

  • Anyone turning 65 in the next 12 months
  • Anyone under age 65 who qualifies for Medicare through Social Security/Disability
  • Anyone currently covered by traditional Medicare who wants a better understanding of their coverage options
  • Anyone over the age of 65 who is covered by their (or their spouse’s) employer’s group coverage and planning to retire in the next 12 months
  • Caregivers for anyone 65+ (or otherwise qualified for Medicare)


Hammond Law Group presents our Medicare Enrollment Workshop to everyone in our community. Whether you are a client, Legacy Protection Plan Member, successor trustee, guest or general public, please join us for this incredible opportunity.

Meet the Speaker

Ann-Noel Spencer

Licensed insurance broker and Medicare Coach with Medicare Mentors LLC., Ann-Noel assists clients with navigating the complex system of Medicare Health Insurance. She has a passion for education and service. When she is not teaching Medicare workshops or assisting financial advisory clients with SRS Capital Advisors, you will find Ann-Noel expertly wrangling her three children, dog and attorney husband, Chad Spencer, who’s name may be familiar to our Hammond Law Group Clients.