Reserve Planning Your Legacy Book

We’re giving away the book on estate planning that Catherine Hammond co-authored with Robert Armstrong & Sanford M. Fisch, Planning Your Legacy: A Guide to Preserving Your Personal and Financial Legacy, to friends and family of Hammond Law Group.

If you’d like to receive this book, you’re welcome to reserve a copy for yourself and one for a friend (if you promise to pass it on to them). When books come in, we’ll notify you via email. You can come into the office to pick up your book at your convenience after they arrive! Reserve your copy/copies using the form below.

Discover Inside:

  • Failings of the traditional estate plan: how conventional Wills and Trusts have become ineffective at addressing issues faced by today’s families
  • Creditors, Predators, Lawsuits and Scams: How you can take steps today to protect your loved ones from their own missteps or inexperience
  • Yours, Mine, and Ours: Why Joint Ownership is not always an effective way to pass assets and how you can avoid the drawbacks
  • Estate Tax—the Moving Target: How you can minimize and sometimes avoid the ever-changing estate tax
  • Splitting Heirs: How to make successful beneficiary designation choices and avoid conflict in your family.

Reserve your copy/copies using the form below.