How to Decide to Take Away the Keys From Mom or Dad20170907110054

How to Decide to Take Away the Keys From Mom or Dad

If you're an adult child with elderly parents, the inevitable question of when your parents should stop driving can be a very hard time to face. There...
Five Tips for Dealing with Difficult Aging Parents20170607080017

Five Tips for Dealing with Difficult Aging Parents

Dealing with parents as they age can be tough; but, being a caregiver to a parent who behaves difficultly will ratchet up the stress-level even higher...

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Whether you’re proactively planning to protect your legacy, or preparing to make difficult decisions now, Hammond Law Group has walked in those shoes. Our founder, Catherine Hammond, experienced the difficult journey of caring for her incapacitated mother with no legal or financial plan to guide her family.

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Remember National Caregivers Month20131120222036

Remember National Caregivers Month

There is still time to acknowledge National Caregivers Month this November. Millions of Americans who serve as caregivers for elderly friends and fami...
Do Your Parents Need Elder Care?20130305221221

Do Your Parents Need Elder Care?

It sometimes comes as a shock to find that your parents have recently begun showing their age much more than before. Whether it comes as a result of a...
Economic Downturn, Closer Families20120711065405

Economic Downturn, Closer Families

With rising lifespans, decreased income as a result of the recession, and other factors, more and more American households now contain multiple genera...