Taking Control of Your Healthcare Decisions

Taking Control of Your Healthcare Decisions

Exclusively for Legacy Protection Plan Members and your guests 

Taking Control of Your Healthcare Decisions … a workshop to help you and your loved ones truly prepare

This workshop will begin with a discussion (guided by Catherine Hammond) around the types of decisions that you and your loved ones may need to make as you grow older. We’ll explore both the big decisions and the micro decisions that can add up to a life that’s not what you want. You’ll also have time (and worksheets) to make progress on clarifying your wishes for your loved ones and planning conversations that ensure your wishes are followed so your loved ones don’t have to guess about how to give you the final chapters you want.

Most people end up going through unnecessary medical treatments that are intended to prolong life, but instead prolong death. Catherine will guide participants through basic tools and conversations to ensure your final chapters are designed by you, not ‘the system.’

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