Workshop -Dispelling The Myths of Medicaid

Dispelling The Myths of Medicaid

Thursday, July 7th -4 pm- Colorado Springs, a workshop for clients, guests and general public.

The Landscape of Medicaid can feel too overwhelming to traverse. Hammond Law Group can offer a roadmap to help you! 

If you are thinking about how to care for yourself, a loved one or a client throughout the aging process, there is a chance Medicaid has come up in conversation, as well as many questions and concerns.

How do I qualify for Medicaid? 

Will I lose my home to Medicaid? 

Do I have to spend all my money to qualify for Medicaid? 

Should I hide money from Medicaid? 

Are there other ways to prepare for long-term care instead of Medicaid? 


With questions and concerns, come myths and misinformation. Don’t get caught up in the confusion! 


Learn exactly what is Medicaid and how to qualify. 

Prepare for the 5-year look back period ahead of time.  

Discover the best financial strategies if you or someone you care for needs Medicaid now.  

Why it is important to plan for long-term care before you need it. 

Gain perspective from explanatory and engaging case-studies.  


We invite all our clients, guests and general public to join us for this informative and helpful workshop designed to dispel the myths and uncertainties surrounding Medicaid and long-term care.  

Attorney Chad Spencer has 7 years’ experience assisting clients with Medicaid concerns and will impart his wisdom to dispel the myths surrounding Medicaid. 

Chad Spencer, Attorney

As an Estate Planning Attorney with Hammond Law Group, Chad Spencer focuses his practice on educating people on how they can painlessly preserve and protect what they hold most dear. In conjunction with the educational process, Chad is dedicated to learning the specific needs, concerns and wishes of each individual client family so their estate plan truly meets their needs, addresses their concerns and fulfills their wishes… More »