Workshop: Living Your Values in Life and Death – The Many Options of the Modern Funeral

Workshop: Living Your Values in Life and Death - The Many Options of the Modern Funeral

Thursday, March 23, 2023 – 4 pm Colorado Springs & Live Webinar via Zoom


A Guest Speaker workshop exclusively for Legacy Protection Plan members and your guests.
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Digging into the difficult topic of death is not easy. And contemplating your own can feel very uncomfortable. But what if it wasn’t? What if it was normal and something you could not only find value in, but get excited about?

Preparing for your end of life not only allows your family to grieve without the added burden of making choices for you after you pass, it allows you to have a say in your unique funeral service.

Join guest speakers David Heckel of The Natural Funeral and Lauren Carroll of Death Wives as they impart their wisdom, helping you find comfort and celebration at the end of life.

At this workshop you’ll learn:

*Natural alternatives to traditional burial and cremation services

*What is a Death Doula and how do they support you and your family

*Modern Funeral and Celebration of Life Options


Don’t miss this BRAND NEW WORKSHOP where you will get excited about planning a funeral that reflects the values lived throughout your lifetime!


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Meet Our Guest Speakers


Lauren Carroll of Death Wives

Lauren is a holistic green funeral director and the co-founder of Deathwives, where they train Death Doulas and Home Funeral Guides. She advocates for green burial methods and environmental reform in the death industry, and educates about grief, ritual, ancestry. She continues to support her local community in Colorado Springs by educating families on how to be a Death Doulas for their loved one, how to care for their body at home after death, and creating unique memorial services.


David Heckel of The Natural Funeral

With 20+ years of experience in the funeral profession, David began as a Funeral Director and served in that role for five years. He left for six years to be full-time father to twins, then returned as an Advance Planning Consultant with The Natural Funeral.

The Natural Funeral is an independent, Holistic Funeral Home and End-of-Life Resource Center.