Workshop – Rising Interest Rates and Bonds

Tuesday, February 1st 2022, 4 pm

Unaware of how interest rates affect your bond investments?


  • Many of our clients hold a significant portion of their balanced portfolios in bonds – long considered a safe investment.
  • But bonds underperform and lose value when interest rates increase.
  • Today’s interest rates are at historic lows and have nowhere to go but up.
  • Are you prepared?


A tradition in investing has been the idea that a diverse portfolio will hold its value under a variety of different economic conditions better than a less diversified portfolio. One of the ways that we have diversified is by including what have traditionally been considered a “safe” investment: bonds. Because the value of bonds goes down as interest rates go up, historic low interest rates may put you in a position to lose value in a part of your portfolio that you are counting on for your retirement income. Attend the Workshop to learn about the situation and some suggestions about how to invest to avoid potential losses.