Zero Regrets – Workshop

Zero Regrets

January 26th through February 9th — Weekly group sessions online.

From Perfectly Fine to Zero Regrets

You’ve been going along in life just fine. Nothing is wrong, really, but there are a few things you may not have yet done:

  • Checked in on where you’ve been, where you’re going, and any tiny shifts that will make your remaining days your very best
  • Brought as much life as possible to your relationships with your loved ones
  • Expressed your love in a letter that your loved ones will treasure forever when you’re gone (and honestly, will transform you in the process)
  • Stopped to think about the Top 5 Regrets of the Dying and the tiny adjustments you can make now to ensure you won’t have them when your time comes

If even one of these statements describes you, this 3-week program will enable you to eliminate anything that could get in the way of a regret-free life in the days you have left.


“This program will change the trajectory of your life.”
~Recent participant


You get one chance at this precious thing called life. One chance to fully identify and express what’s most important. One chance to close the loops in your relationships with others and yourself. It’s never too early, but one day it will be too late. Don’t wait.

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Catherine Hammond is an award-winning estate planning attorney, public speaker, author, and life transition guide. As an attorney, she helps people plan for and walk through difficult seasons in life, including chronic illness, disability and death. As a transformational coach, she leads people into living more fully, bravely, and beautifully. The heart-wrenching experience of her mother’s journey with Alzheimer’s Disease, beginning when Catherine was still a teenager, inspired her to spend her life helping others navigate life’s challenges both legally and emotionally.

Catherine is currently writing her second book entitled Hope(less). When she’s not busy supporting others, you’ll find her hiking, reading, writing, or hanging out with her three beautiful granddaughters.