3 Questions About Veterans AA Pension

Flag picture from FW Ranch Rd.We want to honor our veterans by sharing some important information about a non-service connected benefit veterans might be eligible for the VA Improved Pension.  Here are 3 questions about Veteran’s AA Pension that are frequently asked:

Question 1: What is the veterans aid and attendance pension?

Veterans AA, also known as Veterans Aid and Attendance, is a monthly pension that veterans or their spouses can receive in addition to the basic pension benefits. It exists in addition to the basic pension and household benefit, and veterans do not need to have been injured or acquired ailments during their time of service to receive the benefit.

Question 2: How do I qualify?

To qualify for the Veterans AA pension you must first meet the standard pension benefit criteria. These include such factors as being age 65 were older or being permanently and totally disabled, as well as meeting specific family income criteria.

Beyond the basic pension requirements, you must also meet specific disability criteria. A veteran, or spouse of a veteran, must have a disability that requires him or her to be bed-ridden, be a patient in an assisted living environment because of mental or physical incapacity, require the aid of someone else to perform basic living tasks such as bathing, eating, or using the bathroom, or be blind or have a corrected visual acuity that meets specific criteria.

Question 3: How do I apply for the pension.

Veterans can apply either online or through the Veterans Administration regional office that has jurisdiction over the claim. If you aren’t sure which regional office this is, you can file your application with any regional office. You also need to include evidence supporting your claim or a report from an attending physician that states you meet eligibility criteria.

If you find that you have more questions on this subject, be sure to attend one of the VA and Medicaid Seminars we have in January of 2014.  One will be in Colorado Springs on January 25th and the other will be in Denver on January 30th.  Please contact our office for more information.

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