Start Planning Now

Prepare for Incapacity

Many of us will suffer an injury or illness before we die that will make us unable to care for ourselves. Maybe you’ve already been diagnosed with a disease like Alzheimer’s that makes such a situation likely, or maybe you’re perfectly healthy today, crossing your fingers this won’t happen to you. Either way, it’s vital to understand the issues that come up if you’re the one who suffers a stroke, brain injury, or dementia and you can no longer communicate your own wishes. … Continue

Avoid Probate

Many people assume that their family won’t have to go through probate when they die, especially if they have a will. Unfortunately, that assumption is incorrect for many Colorado residents. If you own real estate OR more than $64,000 of miscellaneous property when you die, your estate will go through this court process unless you take steps to avoid probate. Find out whether you need to avoid probate, and your options. … Continue

Protect My Investments

Whether you’ve accumulated a substantial nest egg or a more moderate amount of wealth, you want to preserve and protect it for your future and your loved ones. … Continue

Plan for My Young Children

You don’t have to be “old” to need a plan for what happens when you die. Life and death both happen in unexpected ways, at unexpected times.

Imagine an accident on the way home from date night, the police knock at your door and ask the babysitter who your children will be staying with while things are sorted out. She doesn’t know, and the kids end up in the custody of the state for the next few days. Your kids just can’t understand why mommy and daddy aren’t there, and why can’t they be with grandma? Sadly, that can be just the beginning of the troubles you could leave for your children if you don’t have a plan. … Continue

Protect from Nursing Home Expenses

As we grow older, one of our biggest fears is losing all of our hard-earned assets to a nursing home. Whether you’re in a nursing home now, or just planning for the future, here’s what you need to know about how to protect your assets. … Continue

Plan as a Member of LGBTQ Community

Many of our legal issues and needs are the same, no matter our sexual orientation, but some estate planning issues are especially important to understand if you’re a member of the LGBTQ community. … Continue

Pass on My Values

Integrating your personal values into your estate plan is an important part of passing on your legacy. Learn some of your options for making sure money is used wisely, keeping it from the daughter-in-law you barely know (or don’t like), and making charitable gifts here. … Continue

Make a Difference in the World

You don’t have to be ultra-wealthy to make a difference in the world when you are gone. There are a variety of ways to make gifts to your favorite charities when you die, while still taking care of your family and loved ones. … Continue

Preserve Family Harmony

You might think your family will get along perfectly when you die, but it’s not as predictable as you might think. Incapacity and death can bring out the issues that have been bubbling below the surface for years. Learn more about the ways to minimize the likelihood that your family will end up in conflict. … Continue

Wrap Up the Estate of a Loved One

Whether your loved one had a will, a trust, or nothing in place when they died, there are practical and possibly legal details to be taken care of. We can guide you through this process. … Continue

Plan for Special Needs Loved Ones

If you have a child or other loved one who is disabled and eligible for SSI and/or Medicaid, it is vital to plan properly for their financial security in the event of your death or disability. … Continue

Take Care of My Pets

The reason beloved pets are euthanized after the death of their human is often because of money. Food is expensive, and vet bills can be a deterrent for those who would otherwise give your pets a loving home when you’re gone. Make sure your pets are well-loved by setting things up properly now. … Continue

Plan for My Blended Family

If you’re one of the many families who brought children into your current relationship, there are special planning considerations. Make sure you don’t accidentally disinherit your own children!. … Continue