When you lose a loved one, just getting out of bed some days can be hard, not to mention all the practical things to take care of. And the legal issues can be downright overwhelming.

It’s important to do things the right way when a loved one dies, but hard to know exactly what needs to be done.

If your loved one had a Revocable Living Trust, you’ll need to administer the Trust when they pass away. This includes figuring out all of their assets, paying off any valid debts, and then following the Trust’s directions for distributions. In addition, there are a number of practical matters to be handled as you wrap up the estate. The Trustee is acting as a fiduciary for the estate, so taking care of every detail exactly the right way is vital to avoid becoming personally liable to creditors or beneficiaries. We can guide you through this process to help you fulfill your duties as quickly and efficiently as possible. Along the way, we work to ensure you do the right things in the right way, to minimize the likelihood of conflict or a lawsuit.

If your loved one had a Last Will and Testament as the foundation of their plan, or perhaps no written plan at all, there may be a probate required. If so, our skilled and compassionate team will help by filing all of the legal documents and guiding you through the legal and practical details of wrapping up the estate.

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