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Upcoming Workshop Events

Webinar – Letters of Intent

October 21st, 2021 04:00 PM MST The Letter of Intent might be the most important letter you ever write. This non-legally binding document includes powerful instructions, reasons and reassurances from your own voice directly to ...
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Workshop – Annuities: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Tuesday, November 2nd, 4:00 PM In this educational workshop our in-house Certified Financial Planner, Patrick Johnson, will be offering you valuable insights into ‘the good, the bad, and the ugly’ about annuities. With Patrick’s laid-back, ...
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Workshop – Legacy Letter Writing

Thursday, November 18th at 4:00 pm A workshop exclusively for Legacy Protection Plan members and your guests. The written word is a powerful way to reinforce the legacy you've been living. Once you're gone, it's ...
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