Workshop – Understanding Your Estate Plan

Understanding Your Estate Plan

Thursday, January 26th at 4:00pm Colorado Springs
-This is a MUST ATTEND Workshop for ALL Hammond Law Group Clients and their Successor Trustees.
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You’ve completed the process of designing and signing your estate plan with a good understanding of the main components. You have a successor trustee in place.

But how does it all work together? Does your successor trustee understand what is expected and when it will be needed?

  • What does “funding” your trust mean?

  • What happens to assets if they are not owned by your trust?

  • What is the difference between a trustee and a successor trustee?

  • What are your responsibilities as a trustee?

  • What life events will change the effectiveness of your trust based estate plan?

  • How long does a financial power of attorney typically remain effective?

  • When and how does a living will give financial powers of attorney to your spouse?

When the time comes, don’t let you or your family be confused.

Attend this workshop and learn:

  • How to maximize the effectiveness of your estate plan
  • If you have overlooked transferring anything into your trust
  • The answers to your questions about your estate plan
  • The role of your successor trustees and the answers to their questions

This is a fundamental workshop for all trust clients of Hammond Law Group and your successor trustees. Register today!

Chad Spencer, Attorney

As an Estate Planning Attorney with Hammond Law Group, Chad Spencer focuses his practice on educating people on how they can painlessly preserve and protect what they hold most dear. In conjunction with the educational process, Chad is dedicated to learning the specific needs, concerns and wishes of each individual client family so their estate plan truly meets their needs, addresses their concerns and fulfills their wishes… More »