With the changing legal landscape and marriage available in all 50 states for both same and opposite gender relationships, it’s important to understand both your rights and the common estate planning issues we see among same-sex couples and other non-traditional situations.

If you’re married, you have all of the same estate planning issues that exist for opposite sex marriages. You may also have children from a previous relationship, and need help planning around the many issues specific to blended families.

It’s vital to ensure that not only do you plan for your death, but also for the possibility of an illness or injury that leaves you unable to care for yourself and communicate your wishes. Having a Universal HIPAA Release in place can be particularly important, to ensure that the right loved ones can access your medical information should you land in the hospital.

For years we’ve frequently been asked whether or not we serve the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and queer community, as many firms did not. We are proud to serve everyone regardless of any distinctions, and multiple members of our team have family members in this community. We want you to know that our orientation is LOVE.

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