Is Your Estate Planning In Order?

Many people think that they have their estate planning affairs in order or, they don’t understand what a hardship it can be for their loved ones if they don’t.

The truth is, there are many common gaps in planning that can cause huge challenges for your loved ones once you’re gone.

This short estate planning assessment will bring your attention to some things you may not have thought of and help you determine if you have any of the common gaps in planning.

Complete the assessment to find out if your estate planning is in order and receive our FREE GUIDE to Avoiding 10 Common Estate Planning Gaps.

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Without knowing the specifics of your situation, we can’t give you any legal advice, so please know that this is just general legal information designed to identify issues and point you in the right direction. If you need legal advice, please seek the guidance of a qualified estate planning attorney in your area.

This audit is not meant to be comprehensive, as there is no way to identify in this short space all of the issues that may arise for everyone. Instead, this is designed to assist you in identifying issues that are common to the general population. We strongly recommend that every single person meet with a good estate planning attorney for specific advice. If you are part of a blended family or have minor children, disabled loved ones, or other special concerns, it is particularly important.

Hammond Law Group is licensed in Colorado, so the information is specific for Colorado residents only.

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