What To Expect

Start with a Workshop

Most people begin by coming to one of our comprehensive estate planning Workshops. No, this isn’t a boring lecture about the technical details of estate planning, but an informative (and mildly entertaining) session that outlines the primary issues most people need to consider and goes through a case study, so you understand how the basic principles work. We also give you a comprehensive list of our fees and how they will apply to your specific situation and goals, so you’ll know how much to expect you’ll pay for your estate plan.

Once we understand what’s important to you, then we will specifically tailor a plan to your unique situation and goals.

Attend a Personal Consultation

After attending the Workshop, you’ll be offered a free Personal Consultation with an attorney. We’ll spend at least an hour finding out what’s important to you, answering all your questions, and making recommendations. We normally charge $450 for this consultation, but because you’ve already come to the workshop and understand the basics, we can condense a comprehensive meeting into this one-hour timeframe and happily waive the normal fee.

We Design Your Plan

Once you’ve met with an attorney, we’ll be able to design a plan to meet your individual goals. We have created a six-step, proprietary process to ensure that not only is your plan designed well, but it will actually work to accomplish these goals when you need it most, at your incapacity and death.

We plan holistically. Your estate plan will include legal documents, of course. It also requires coordinating the ownership of your assets, including real estate, bank accounts, businesses, etc. as well as the beneficiary designations on your retirement plans and other accounts. This is vital for every client, but especially important if you are in a blended family.

We will analyze your situation to ensure that we minimize any possible taxes, including estate taxes and capital gains taxes.

We will work with you and your financial planner to ensure that all your assets are protected, providing you with peace of mind about your financial world as well as your legal world.

A Lifetime Commitment from Us to You

Once you become a client of Hammond Law Group, you’re invited to private client workshops on estate planning, aging, and financial topics on at least a quarterly basis. We’re committed to helping you to stay up-to-date on information that’s relevant to living well and leaving the legacy you desire to leave. In fact, we’re so committed that we built an education center specifically for our clients (Phyllis A. Hammond Educational Center).

No Charge for Phone Calls

We also want you to call when you have questions. For estate planning clients, we don’t charge for phone calls (we’ve found most people hesitate to pick up the phone and get advice when they know they’re going to get a bill for every 6 minutes). Our clients love being able to call anytime and get advice quickly.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

Since our firm’s founding in 2005, we have offered a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for some reason we are unable to exceed your expectations, just let us know. We’d love to make it right or refund your fees.