Financial Webinar – Retirement Pitfalls

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021 – 4 pm, MST.

This workshop is open to all Hammond Law Group clients and their guests.

Many people dream of a financially successful retirement – but some won’t achieve it due to faulty investing suggestions, bad financial advisors and not knowing the power of efficient and educated investing. In fact, over 70% of retirees retire have under $100,000 saved, based on studies from the Employee Benefit Research Institute. And 2 out of 3 United States Citizens are not confident in creating an ideal retirement. During the “Retirement Pitfalls” webinar Catherine Hammond, the founder of Hammond Law Group, will provide you with the three best strategies to achieve a successful and abundant retirement such as how to Out Pace Inflation. Additionally, you will learn the seven investing mistakes that could threaten your dreams, including the infamous Real Estate Mistake! This education will prepare you for all of the mistakes people make before and during retirement, ensuring your future is protected and you have a successful and financially ample retirement.

As an attorney in private practice in Colorado, Catherine Hammond provides extensive estate and tax planning services to individuals and businesses. Ms. Hammond’s primary focus is protecting families from the devastating legal effects of disability and death. She is passionate about helping people to pass on their legacies by creating comprehensive, values-based estate plans which minimize taxes, costs and government interference. Ms. Hammond will take the time to get to know you as individuals, to learn about your life and values, and work closely with you through an ongoing relationship to ensure your personal and financial goals are met as your life and the laws change over the years.

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