Do Your Parents Need Elder Care?

It sometimes comes as a shock to find that your parents have recently begun showing their age much more than before. Whether it comes as a result of a recent visit you had with your parents or after the news that a parent has been involved in a car accident or some other mishap, you may need to find your parent help that he or she is currently not getting.

Unfortunately, when it comes to elder care, there is no one clear solution to every situation. Some people require more, or less, help than others, and determining the appropriate course of action is not always easy to do. If you think your parent needs more assistance but don’t know how much, here are some tips.

Get some basic information.

Ask your parent to schedule an appointment with a geriatric care specialist. The specialist will be able to perform a geriatric assessment, a test specifically designed to evaluate an elderly person on a range of criteria. The assessment is also a good opportunity for you to accompany your parent and ask the doctor about any concerns.

Work to develop an elder care plan.

Once you know the basic information, you and your parents can discuss the options available to you and determine which one fits best into your parent’s life. Whether you decide on some simple changes, such as simplifying the home and adding more senior friendly appliances, or a more drastic change such as a transition to an assisted living facility, it’s important to remember that you and your parent should discuss it freely and come to a decision together.