Planning for Death or Disability Will Save Your Loved Ones from Headache and Heartache

by Jess Bolen

I’ve done it. We all have—acted as if what happened to other families who experienced death or disability won’t happen to us. In some respects, it’s the healthy perspective. If we lived our lives expecting everyone else’s misfortunes to befall us, we wouldn’t be able to set foot outside the door. Action is productive, fear is not. Anyone who has Googled their symptoms knows this. What’s productive is calling the doctor and having that test done, so you can stop worrying or get on with treatment.

It’s not the same when it comes to planning for death or disability. There are no symptoms or pains. When the question pops up, “How will my family handle end of life decisions for me if I become incapacitated?” it’s easy to leave it unanswered. If the worry arises that children or grandchildren with special needs would be left in the lurch without you, today’s challenges clamor more loudly.

There are countless other concerns associated with not having a plan in place. Even the most tight knit families fall apart in times of death or disability. Disagreements about care or end of life decisions— or about deciding or interpreting what your wishes really were— can become all out wars.

Maybe you have a plan but you did it online. The do-it-yourself estate plans can be even more dangerous because they give you a false sense of security. You need an estate plan prepared by attorneys who practice exclusively in estate planning, who understand all that can go wrong. And just as you wouldn’t go to a neurosurgeon for orthopedic issues, it’s best to see an attorney who practices exclusively in estate planning, elder law, and post-death work.

There will come a time for all of us that unfinished business can no longer be finished, becoming someone else’s problem. If you’re like I am, you want to remembered for caring enough to ease this burden for them.

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