What is a Trustee?

So, a question that people commonly have for me, is the question “What is a trustee?” A Trustee is simply the person that is in charge of managing or controlling the Trust.  So when you create a Trust you’re going to have to name an individual or two to serve in this role. And who is the initial Trustee of a trust, most often, that’s the person that creates or establishes the Trust.  They name themselves as the initial Trustee and manager.  However, when they come to a place when they are unable to serve as Trustee, most commonly, right, when people pass away, we need somebody else to step into their shoes and manage and control the Trust.  That’s where these successor Trustees that you name in your Trust document would come in and take over on your behalf.  So the bottom line, what is a Trustee? Simply the person that’s in charge of managing and controlling the Trust.

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